All details are carefully planned in Artı Tarabya (Plus Tarabya) projects.
We call all your needs and wishes and raise them in this project.

Architectural Approach

Architectural and design approaches adopted by Artı Tarabya (Plus Tarabya) Residential Project;

Artı Tarabya (Plus Tarabya) Project is a residential project which is carefully designed to align with your needs and wishes and harmonize with the environment with its form and architecture.  Its location, the adjacent Belgrade Forest and the slope of the land warranted us to approach the project as an equation with multiple variables.

The residential construction sector is through a serious leap in Turkey with hundreds of ongoing constructions with different concepts, ideas and designs.  In these newly constructed buildings sometimes functionality concerns move ahead of aesthetics and form concerns and sometimes form concerns are prioritized over functionality resulting in the needs of residents being ignored.  These buildings may raise interest initially but loose popularity in time.  The building does not necessarily have to be eccentric to be considered modern.   A project may turn into well-structured design if it is in harmony with the nature and the surrounding environment, is functional in a manner to respond to the needs of the residents and uses high quality material.    

Artı Tarabya (Plus Tarabya) is brought to life out of the above referred approach. It respects to its neighboring forest, adopts an architecture style that is in harmony with its surroundings and provides a luxurious resident experience to its owners. 

All apartments from 1+1 to 4+1 are end-user friendly and designed with passion to provide comfort to the residents from families to single persons.  The shared areas of the condominiums are also developed with this philosophy.

The block apartments in harmony with the valley across with their color and from are also in tune with the neighboring forest and the natural habitat and situated to benefit from the sun in the most efficient manner.

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Low E-Building

Forest + Tarabya of the Artı Tarabya (Plus Tarabya) Project is constructed with the new generation “e-building” system which is also called the “Green Building”.  Organic insulation material is used for both the exteriors of the building and the roof tops. Istanbul’s geographic position and climate played an important role in the structuring of these buildings. 

Smart system infrastructure used in the project is designed for the outmost user comfort.  In all the apartments, the functions of the high end technologies of smart system homes may be turned on or off or used in a selective manner depending on the preference of the user. 

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Everyone may have different preferences and taste... We call and raise the bet!

Heating and Cooling Systems
Heating and cooling systems are designed and situated in a manner to maximize efficiency and not to create any visual pollution or eating living space: All installments are hidden in the floor and no pipes or heater cores are visible from outside.  Thanks to the smart systems available in your home, the environment temperature may be set and adjusted from your smart phone or computer. The underfloor heating systems create homogenous heating throughout the entire apartment with minimum energy levels.  Also, you pay as you use since the system is priced based on transfer of energy.  

Windows and Double Glazing 
Building windows are situated in the most optimal manner taking into consideration the geographic position and climate of Istanbul. Argon gas locked between the double glazing provides the ultimate insulation.  The U value of this high-quality double glazing is 1.1. 

Smart Systems Infrastructure
All buildings in Artı Tarabya (Plus Tarabya) have smart system infrastructure. The temperature of each room in the apartments may be controlled separately which allows 40% saving in energy management.  In each apartment, security systems against fire, flood and theft work integrated with the smart systems.  

Roof System
Roofs of all buildings in Artı Tarabya (Plus Tarabya) are made using scissor truss roof systems with thermally modified wood and reinforced laminate materials and thus, any deformations and movements due to temperature changes are prevented.  These systems brings the comfort and insulation levels in roof apartments to the highest standards while also providing a beautiful and stylish roof view.

The exterior facades of all buildings in Artı Tarabya (Plus Tarabya Project) are covered with stone wool which provides thermal insulation with a fireproof shell for the entire building. 

Central Vacuuming Systems 
You do not need vacuum cleaners anymore!  Central vacuuming systems available in Artı Tarabya apartments enable you to have high power vacuum cleaners in each room of your home.  This central vacuuming systems is suitable for asthma patients and work with no noise.  The vacuumed dust and dirt are transmitted to the main unit and pollens and dust bugs which may cause allergies are removed from the environment.    The central vacuum systems provide electricity usage efficiency and drops consumption by 30%. 

Heat and Noise Insulation
High level heat and noise insulation is used in all facades, roofs, floors and walls that separate independent units.   All rooms in the apartment may be climatized separately in a different manner to provide ultimate comfort and optimum energy management.  

The elevators are in compliance with all the applicable legislation and provide additional ease in usage since they do not need engine rooms.  This way, noise problems which may be encountered in the roof apartments and loss of space are prevented.