Artı Tarabya (Plus Tarabya) is a composite project consisting of 7 different condominiums with apartments ranging from 1+1 to 5+1 rooms and roof and garden duplexes...

Forest + Tarabya

In modern day life, it is considered a luxury if you can see from the window of your apartment only a few trees and some city landscaping.  In Forest Plus Tarabya, we are not offering you a view of a few bare bushes or a post-planned landscape but the splendid scenery of an ancient forest that has survived through hundreds of years.    

Hacıosman Woods, a major extension of the Belgrade Forest at the crests of Tarabya, is adjascent to your home in Forest Plus Tarabya.  Imagine that the garden of your house is a giant forest or, more even so, your house is in the midst of an ancient forest.  In Forest + Tarabya, this is no longer a dream but an everyday reality. 

Sea + Tarabya

The therapeutic effects of sea - whether due to its iodine, endless vastness or the hypnotizing movements of its waves – on human psychology are countless and a scientific fact.      

SEA + TARABYA, leaning its back to the ancient Hacıosman Woods and fronting the exquisite Istanbul Bosphorus, offers you the life you have always longed in the midst of all shades of green and blue.   Resting in the luxury of your peaceful SEA + TARABYA apartment, you will be able to enjoy the limitless scenery pleasure offered to you by the sea, with its changing colors in the wind, sun and moonlight.

Hillside + Tarabya

Imagine the view from the hillside standing high across the Hacıosman Woods looking down to TARABYA, the most special bay of Bosphorus.  Hillside + Tarabya apartments which are situated right across the Belgrade Forest allow its residents to enjoy an uninterrupted view of the beautiful forest and endless skies without any blocking buildings in the front.  

This hillside also hosts the Black Sea winds that kept the air of Tarabya fresh and unpolluted all these years.  In other words, Hillside + Tarabya apartments will enable you to enjoy the clean weather right in the middle of Istanbul.

Garden + Tarabya

The foundations of the bond between humanity and earth rest in our existence.  In addition to its neutralizing effect, touching the soil calms and brings peace to the soul.     Garden + Tarabya apartments are designed to offer you a luxurious living experience without severing your bond with mother earth.  If you dream of experiencing the nature firsthand while living in the city center, Garden + Tarabya apartments are just for you.  

Park + Tarabya

In the hills of Tarabya, a big land is being developed as a brand-new park.  This city park is designed to resemble and exceed its peers in other big cities of the world providing the residents with the opportunity of fresh air and a nature experience.  Park + Tarabya apartments are located just nearby this giant city park offering you a scenery of a green land with lakes and canals instead of the grey city view. 

Street + Tarabya

Street + Tarabya apartments are located nearby the Adnan Kahveci Street, one of the main arterials of Tarabya in order to offer the opportunity to its residents that wish to benefit from the facilities of the city life while also enjoying the peace of the nature.

Street + Tarabya will provide a new generation “neighborhood” culture allowing you to enjoy the elegant cafes and restaurants and best boutique shops of Tarabya Street.  

Sun + Tarabya

Sun, the source of energy and life, wakes us every morning and grants its light throughout the day.   Sun warms us from inside and brings us joy and happiness.

Sun + Tarabya apartments are situated in order to enhance the benefits of Sun with special insulation systems and provide you energy and joy throughout your day.  Sunny days are closer than you think…