Forest + Tarabya

In the center of the city, Arti Tarabya (Plus Tarabya) Project offers its residents a home where their kids may have picnic in the forest and play games in its safe streets...

In modern day life, it is considered a luxury if you can see from the window of your apartment only a few trees and some city landscaping.  In Forest Plus Tarabya, we are not offering you a view of a few bare bushes or a post-planned landscape but the splendid scenery of an ancient forest that has survived through hundreds of years.    

Hacıosman Woods, a major extension of the Belgrade Forest at the crests of Tarabya, is adjascent to your home in Forest Plus Tarabya.  Imagine that the garden of your house is a giant forest or, more even so, your house is in the midst of an ancient forest.  In Forest + Tarabya, this is no longer a dream but an everyday reality. 

Forest + Tarabya condominium consists of three blocks:
A, B and C. 

These three blocks encompassing a total of 62 residential apartments and 4 commercial stores varying from 1+1, 2+1 and 3+1 one floor apartments and roof duplexes and, 4+1 roof duplexes and 5+1 garden duplexes offer privileged living areas for everyone from both single persons and large families. 

All the apartments provide to their residents a high-level luxury and comfort.  The kitchens are decorated with the high-end Italian brand BINOVA and equipped with SIEMENS built-in kitchen appliances.   The famous HANS GROHE brand is preferred for bath and kitchen armatures and Italian brand ISVEA is used for the luxury sanitaryware.