In addition to its stunning environment, fresh air, seaside restaurants and quality residents, Tarabya hosts a magnificent history going back to Ancient Greece.   The region which was called “Farmekeus” in Ancient Greece gets the name “Therepia” in the 5th (A.D.) century as it is believed that it has a healing and therapeutic effect.  In the 16th century, Ottoman Sultan II. Selim, frequently visits Tarabya to enjoy the sea and eat the best fish available in Istanbul and names the region “Tarabiye” which means “pleasure”.  The current name Tarabya comes from the name “Tarabiye” given by II. Selim.

And Now…

In the center of the city, Arti Tarabya (Plus Tarabya) Project offers its residents a home where their kids may have picnic in the forest and play games in its safe streets.  While returning your home from your daily walk in the seaside, you can grab some eggs and milk from the local store for breakfast.  An important extension of the Belgrade Forest, Çamlıtepe Woods, makes Tarabya the greenest region of Istanbul.  And this beautiful forest is so close to your home in Artı Tarabya (Plus Tarabya) that you can reach the leaves of the pine trees from your balcony.  

Another added value of the Tarabya location is the sea which not only provides a spectacle scenery but also cleans the air of Tarabya with the winds coming from Bosphorus and leaves Tarabya with ever fresh air.

Since Tarabya is one of two most protected bays of Istabul, it still hosts a considerable fish population attracting small nostalgic fish boats.   

In other words, the pastoral life you have always longed is in Artı Tarabya with its added value of Tarabya location.